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Velour Burgundy Milk Chocolate- Plant Pot Holder For Indoor Houseplants

Velour Burgundy Milk Chocolate- Plant Pot Holder For Indoor Houseplants

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Custom handmade planter for house plants. Upgrade your plants into fabulosity with these custom planters. Each planter is made from Styrofoam. The planters can accommodate 4in and 6 in house plants.  Please do not plant your plants into the planter directly. Instead, use a nursery pot so that you can easily remove the pot during watering. This allows for proper drainage to prevent root rot. Be sure to get a planter for yourself or even for a friend. They make great gifts for plant lovers. Perfect for Christmas, birthdays, or any occasion.


This indoor plant pot can accommodate both a 4 inch and 6 inch planter


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What is the planter made of: Styrofoam

Is it good for outdoor plants: I wouldn’t advise it be used outdoors due to it being Styrofoam

What size plants can it accommodate: a 4 inch pot and a 6 inch nursery pot can fit

Is it water proof: the planter isn’t designed to put plants directly into it. Use nursery pots inside so they can be easily removed when watering. Make sure proper drainage before replacing into the Grow Girl planter